About Us


Experience a Higher Form of Fashion.

Fashion is more than what we wear:  It is an expression of who we are.

Rezai is a luxury, premium fashion brand that creates powerful pieces of wearable art that inspires, empowers, and allows the wearing the unique opportunity to speak volumes without ever saying a word. 

At Rezai, we create bold, unique, elegant, and timeless takes on modern streetwear that seamlessly meld innovative techniques, masterfully crafted textiles, and artistic vision designed for those who want to walk into their day looking, feeling, and being their best. 

Classy Streetwear for Elevated Tastes

Rezai is a fashion house that reimagines timeless, classic design for the modern, more cutting-edge 21st century.  With a focus on luxury textiles, master design, and unsurpassed craftsmanship, each piece we offer is meant to tell a story and turn heads.  Approaching each piece with a simple, minimalistic design infused with unique, modern touches, Rezai transforms premium wool, cashmere, and Cupro to create magnificent pieces of fashion that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

A Fresh Approach to Modern Streetwear

As a small, intimate team of three, Rezai was founded in May of 2021 and officially launched in September of the same year.  Pushed by our fiery passion for creating one-of-a-kind looks that stretched the boundaries of modern fashion while also prioritizing wearability and exclusivity, our designs dance effortlessly between the boundaries of casualwear and total elegance. 

Rezai creates limited pieces of classy streetwear fashion for men and women who want more out of their fashion.  We cater to the fashion needs of the most discerning clients – those who are seeking fashion designs that offer something bigger, better, and bolder than anything they’ve ever seen before.

Are you ready to embrace the luxury and expand your personal style?  Rezai is ready to take you there.